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Landscape &

              Shoreline Services

Docks, Piers, Pilings, Construction, Destruction & Salvage...If it's on the water we can reach it. We have a mobile fleet of custom barges and equipment outfitted with cranes, clams, buckets & pile drivers. We can reach sites in as little as 2' of water and because our barges our completely mobile we can go anywhere from Central Wisconsin to Central America. We have the experience and skills to deliver within your specifications, on time and on budget. 


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Marine Construction

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750 South Street
Green Lake, WI 54941
Office: +920.294.6162
Email: info@bricksandrocks.com

Our Competitive Advantages

> We own our equipment
> 20+ years experience
> On time guarantee
> Unilock authorized contractor
> Quality products/quality manufacturers
> Specialize is difficult Projects

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